SQRD Magazine


Jake Thompson

Aimee Plunkett

Amy Wall





SQRD Magazine is a blessing for those who strive to be creative but lack the conviction to develop their skills. Through simple tasks, dubbed ‘Challenges’, SQRD teaches you new skills and develops your existing ones. 

The project was in response to a University-set brief, calling for a tool which inhibits creativity from its user. Myself and my teammates produced a 60 page perfect-bound magazine, app and proof of concept video (which you can see below). We had just six weeks to turn this around, from reading the brief to holding the magazine in our hands.

Examples of Challenges include bookbinding, composition, photography and more arts-based disciplines including lino-printing and crafts. The SQRD monthly magazine compliments the SQRD app, which game-ifies the process of completing challenges and encourages users to share their progress within the app.


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