Mind & Design, Issue No. 1


Jake Thompson


Editor & Designer



The debut issue of Mind & Design reveals how the broader concepts and dictums of design can be applied to life.

Mind & Design is a new publication documenting the progressively intertwined relationship between life and design. The concept for this magazine was born out of a desire to explore the role of Design in a society which offers consumers more choice than ever before, and one in which people are increasingly being afforded the right to pick and choose based somewhat on visual aesthetics. This is leading to a more design-conscious public, which have come to expect good-quality design as standard, across all aspects of life.

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The title of the issue, Thinking Design, is a phrase adapted from Tim Brown’s extensive research into the application of design in non-design industries. I thought it apt as the contents within explore how design can be practiced by non-designers, businesses and enthusiasts. The magazine is divided into three ‘chapters’: 1) Aesthetics, 2) Observation, and 3) Rationale. Amidst each chapter is a selection of articles, interviews and op-ed’s. 226pp, PUR bound with soft-touch covers featuring a spot-UV masthead.



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