How Design Saved Print


Jake Thompson


Author & Designer



What devices are publishers employing to ensure print’s survival in the age of the internet, and how have changes in societal attitudes aided its recovery?

Is there a link between materialism and the revival of print? That’s the question this publication seeks to answer. Within the pages you will find insights from leading practitioners residing in the print industry including; designers Brian Webb and Vicky Carr, printer Graham Congreve, senior design educators Tim Isherwood and Dr. Daniel Cookney and specialist print retailer Damion McClung- Oakes.

These exclusive responses from industry professionals paint a thorough picture of the role of print in today’s society. The responses sit adjacent to my own exhaustive essay which discusses this topic in-depth. Together, they offer a unique observation on both the print industry and how as a society we place a higher value on physical design in an ever-changing digital landscape.


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