Art Walk Festival


Jake Thompson

Amy Wall





The Art Walk is *the* location for bustling artists, enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals and people in-between. It’s a place to be expressive & open, somewhere you can Venture Above The City. 

The brief: produce a conceptual identity for an event which raises the profile of Venture Arts. Our idea involved transforming the antiquated (yet beautiful) section of industrial designed Castlefield Viaduct into a public park filled with pieces of artwork produced during a week-long art festival hosted to launch the new space and raise awareness for the charity.

Over several weeks, myself and Amy Wall (whom I collaborated with on this project) produced a series of collateral for a festival we dubbed ‘The Art Walk’. The identity is inspired by the location of our festival, whilst also combining elements of inclusivity and diversity which are the founding principles of the charity. The brand is colourful, flexible and energetic.


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